Thursday, June 15, 2006


Robbie Williams is making TV history. Not, unfortunately, by being the first man ever to wall himself up in a castle keep live on Yorkshire TV's Calendar, but by being the first artist ever to broadcast a concert in HD. In the UK.

It's on Sky, of course. Robbie read out a prepared statement:

"It's great to be working with Sky. I've seen High Definition television and it looks great. It will capture the atmosphere of the concert in ways that a traditional broadcast couldn't."

Will it? We supppose watching it on an outsize television is the closest thing to be stuck in a crowd where you can't see the stage and have to watch it on an outsize television you can get.

Sky, of course, are excited:

Sky One programming director Richard Woolfe, said: "You'll be able to see more Robbie, hear more Robbie and feel more Robbie.

"The Sky experience will make this more personal and rewarding for Robbie's fans than ever before. Audiences will feel like they're literally on stage with him."

It's just a slightly cripser picture, Richard, that's all - you're still going to be sitting in a semi in Hounslow. The actual feeling that you're a talentless schmuck who's somehow managed to appear on stage with Williams will still only be known to Jonathan Wilkes.