Friday, June 09, 2006


Jana K writes to bring the arrangements for Nicole Kidman's wedding to anyone so long as he isn't a member of some damn freakoid cult:

Nicole Kidman is so determined not to have photographs of her wedding sneak into the public arena, she's planning to marry in the dark. According to Page Six, when Nic gets hitched to country singer Keith Urban later this month, she'll say her vows after sunset. It's thought the couple are planning to wed on 25 June in Sydney, Australia, and, according to sources, they've already consulted with helicopter agencies in the area to find out how best to stop airborne paparazzi getting their snaps.

We're not a helicopter agency, but we would suggest trying to marry indoors somewhere might stop people hovering overhead being able to see what's going on.


karlt said...

Wow. Who'd hve thought? You spend your entire adult life screaming look at me! LOOK! AT! ME! I'm in a film! And then people want to see pictures of you doing stuff.

KiKi said...

Nic is washed up everything she's in tanks at the boxoffice- Keith just looks a fool to marry someone who has been trying everything in the world to get anyone to marry her. HOW SAD IS ALL THIS!!!!!

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