Thursday, June 08, 2006


There's a couple of interesting programmes come round on Radio 4's Listen Again player which we would be slacking in our duties were we not to mention.

First, A Front Row special which explores the nature of Englishness in pop music.

Then, from last Saturday, Mark Radcliffe exploring the history of the Mellotron.

And, since we're here, a quick plug for All The Way From Memphis, the network's slightly more polite answer to Never Mind The Buzzcocks.


Anonymous said...

Radio 4 listeners will be tuning in on Tuesday 13th of June 2006 at 18:30hrs for the long overdue return of Mitch Benn & The Distractions in their third series of "My Crimes Against Music" Mitch has released 3 albums to date featuring songs from the aformentioned show and his regular appearences on Punt and Dennis's "Now Show" has also found it's way onto the CD's.
Can't wait for offering 4 so I'll be firing up the steam driven audio capture device for sure.
Oooh and those Distractions ARE distracting the thrashing bashing Tash Baylis on the drums and the sultry efervesant totally drop dead gorgeous Kirsty Newton on Bass guitar, keyboard and vocals are a wonder to behold... Miss them at your peril, tour dates through Mitch's site at

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - all the way from memphis was fantastic, and i managed to surprise myself with how much I actually know about music (which is a good amount, although probably not quite enough to appear on the show..) Please can you give a heads up whenever stuff like this comes up again?
ta muchly

Tim Footman said...

Radio 4... pipe and slippers... Sailing By...

having a little nap in the afternoon... the Archers... mobility scooters...

Quote Unquote... Bells on Sunday... call that music, it's all just BOOM BOOM BOOM...

writing to complain when they change the music before the Today programme...

funeral plans...

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