Thursday, June 15, 2006


Nobody would want to suggest that Ian Blair is blundering about in New Scotland Yard like a starving man trying to find a McDonalds, of course, but you have to wonder if he's going to pop up and explain the whole Kate Moss-Babyshambles waste of money.

You'll recall last time his force managed to shoot someone who wasn't a terrorist, one of the ways Blair attempted to re-establish his authority was by boasting that he, personally, had decided that the Mirror's Kate Moss drug photos be investigated:

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, speaking to journalists at the Police Superintendents Association Conference in Warwickshire on Wednesday, said he had been personally involved in the decision to launch an investigation.

He said: "We have to look at the impact of this kind of behaviour on impressionable young people and if there is evidence something should be done about it."

The trouble is, of course, a grainy photo from a mobile phone doesn't really count as evidence. So, acting on Ian Blair's personal interest in the case, an eight month investigation has burned through £200,000 and concluded that Moss won't be charged.

Don't worry, Ian. We believe you still have the full confidence of the other Mr. Blair.


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