Thursday, June 15, 2006


We forever associate The Trudy with the short-lived Liz Kershaw incarnation of the seven til ten Night-time Radio One shows, and we'd assumed they'd pretty much gone when she did.

Not so, they've just been sleeping, and are about to release their first single in over a decade.

Apparently, they're claiming to be aliens or something, which they might have done before, but we'd somehow missed it.


Anonymous said...

As everyone should know, The Trudy are from the planet Miron, and their lead singer Melissa J Heathcote is an android.

Anonymous said...

The Trudy found out long ago that they weren't actually ETs, and were embarrassed to have fallen for their own hype. Melissa's creation myth, involving discarded hoover parts, is as yet to be deconstructed. is the official website these days.

kingsbury said...

Just heard Oh! on their myspace site. This is what we need!!! If they can make an android sound this good can’t they get their killer song on the radio and save us from the endless stream of bland singers and bland songs that mainstream stations force upon us?

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