Thursday, July 27, 2006


Good lord. Marilyn must be pissing himself laughing this morning.

Meet Sam, who has been chosen to take the lead role in the revived, Boy George free, Culture Club. The band had said they weren't going to go with the first karaoke George who walked in, so we must assume Sam was the second one.

But, oh, what mystery: they're not revealing his second name.


ian said...

is it Fox?

Anonymous said...

The Times today says it's Butcher

Anonymous said...

You can scoff at his pretty looks, but I was at the gig in London and he blew the crowd away with sheer talent. His voice is very powerful and he made the old culture club classics his own while retaining what made them brilliant in the first place. You can also tell he's extremely experienced on stage. I hate to say it...but he sings (and performs) a lot better than Boy George does.

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