Friday, July 07, 2006


The Pixies are going to continue as a touring band, but have announced they won't record any more records.

Which might be a wise decision, all round, but it seems only some of the band are keen to protect their record on, erm, record, says Frank Black:

"I wish it could go a bit further again and we could make a record. Not all of the band-members are willing to do that. Rather than make a big deal out of it, we've agreed to just continue to play live."

Of course, if the band-members who don't want to risk new material predecease those who do, there is the risk of splodgey new stuff somewhere in the future. Make sure you aim your prayers wisely.

[Plug: What they have to protect: Wave of Mutilation]


Mike G said...

But if you've bothered to read any recent interview with FB, it's clear the band has been very wary of making a rushed, unsatisfying record, hence the hesitation.

Tomsk said...

Rushed? They reformed over 2 years ago.

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