Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Shortly after being lauded by the Webby Academy for his "lifetime achievement" of building a splendid web presence, he's closed his New Power Generation down. He's slapped a message in his proto-txt-mssg Princespeak up to explain why:

"The NPG Music Club has been in existence 4 more than 5 years. In that time we've learned a great deal from each other and about this brave new online world we have all chosen 2 b part of. The members we have been 4tunate enough 2 have join r family have truly made this the best music club any artist could ever dream of. In its current 4m there is a feeling that the NPGMC gone as far as it can go.

In a world without limitations and infinite possibilities, has the time come 2 once again make a leap of faith and begin anew? These r ?s we in the NPG need to answer. In doing so, we have decided 2 put the club on hiatus until further notice."

Probably not unconnected with the most recent record label signings Prince has done. Despite his Webby prize, Prince's approach to the web seems to be like much of the rest of the music industry: still seeing it as a way of marketing product rather than a whole new way of working.

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