Sunday, July 02, 2006


Like a kind of oncological batman, Ronan Keating is always ready to drop everything and issue a word or two when someone, somewhere, suggests that the world doesn't revolve around cancer awareness.

So, when the admittedly bemusing decision to fine members of Australian Rules football team Essendon AUS$20,000 (because they wore cancer awareness armbands) to a match was announced, Ronan churned out a statement:

"Cancer prevention is about education and alerting people to the issue. In Ireland, professional sports people often wear our cancer awareness armbands."

Interestingly, the hyper-rich Ronan didn't dig his hand into his pocket and offer to pay the fine on the team's behalf; nor did he suggest the AFL might want to try and make ammends for their mean-spirited behaviour by donating the fine to charity.

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