Monday, July 03, 2006


SharleenSharleen Spiteri wasn't happy when somebody lobbed a shoe at her during Texas' bit of the Hyde Park Calling gig at the weekend.

She had a pop at the bloke who did it (let's hope she didn't just pick on a one-legged guy or anything) and threatened to walk off. Which, presumably, would have been what the shoe-thrower would have wanted.

She told the Mirror:

"It pisses me off when something like that happens."

How often do people throw shoes at you anyway?


flaaart said...

I believe that deep in the heart of Texas it used to be a very common phobia.

« And all at once it seems so nice
The folks are throwing shoes and rice
You hurry to a spot, that's just a dot on the map
You're hooked, you're cooked, you're caught in the tender trap »

Anonymous said...

Is that Bobby Gillespie?

eyetie said...

By the look of that photo, it's a good thing she didn't retaliate in kind...

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