Thursday, July 27, 2006


All is not peace and light in the reunited Who ranks, as Daltrey and Townshend have a falling-out:

"Roger seems to think when I provide bandwidth for The Who website, and for live streaming, he is being exploited in some way and wants a piece of the future 'profit'. Don't think there is much chance of profit when it is all aimed at charity."

"Daltrey seems to be unconvinced that the web has any real contribution to make to our career, and I am not going to spend any more time or money mortgaging my half of the stage.

"Roger is my partner in The Who. He is not my partner in anything else. We love each other but we are not regular social buddies like Bono and The Edge, we do not discuss or share ideas, and we have no unified joint vision of strategy for The Who or for creative projects in general."

Maybe the word "reunited" we used earlier was slightly misjudged.


Tim Footman said...

The tension between Townshend and Daltrey is what's kept The Who going for so long. If they started hanging out together it would all go horribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

The tension between the different CSI franchises is what keeps them going I reckon.


Chris Brown said...

I sort of wonder about that bit actually - that would sort of imply that they split up because they started liking each other.

It's not like the Lennon/McCartney tension where they were competing with each other. Dare I suggest that Moon & Entwistle had something to do with making the Who worthwhile?

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