Thursday, August 17, 2006


SHE'S had her share of trouble with men in the past, but Jamelia is now ready to settle down and marr y her fella, Millwall footballer Darren Byfield.

- 3am, Daily Mirror, this morning

JAMELIA is adamant she won’t be walking up the aisle any time soon.

The singer said although her boyfriend, Millwall footballer DARREN BYFIELD, asks her all the time, marriage is not on the cards.

- Bizarre, The Sun, this morning

"Darren asks me every second day to be his wife and we definitely will get married. Maybe sooner rather than later because my mum and his mum are on at us to get hitched.

"And my other daughter Teja is constantly asking, 'when are you getting married, Mammy?' We can't let them down now."

- 3AM reports what Jamelia told them at the Mobo nominations

“Darren asks me every other day to marry him but it’s just not the right time. It’s not like I’m not going to but I’m releasing new material now and I want to focus on that.”

- Bizarre reports what Jamelia told them at the Mobo nominations

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