Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Now, how's this for a mixed message? Tony Blair, with his one nation Tory calls for respect and belief in slinging ASBOs about to keep the unruly poor in line, sitting down for a drink and some canapes with Snoop Dogg.

The same Snoop who was cautioned under Section 4 of the Public Order Act three months ago after a burst of fracas at Heathrow?

Presumably there was some pressing reason of state that Blair had to break bread with such a questionable role model for the young peoples?

Oh, yes: it was a party in Los Angeles thrown by Adidas to mark their new shirt deal with Chelsea. You can see how Blair couldn't have not gone to that jolly, can't you? And if you're happy to go to a promo thrown by company so sketchy on worker's rights, why not go the whole hog and shake the hand of someone who, had he been poor and black rather than rich and famous, would probably have been dragged in front of the courts as an example?