Tuesday, August 15, 2006


We're not sure if the chart of biggest selling albums is "of the last decade" or, as seems more likely, "so far this decade", but either way, it's heartbreaking. Dido comes out top, followed by James Blunt, David Gray and another Dido.

If ever you needed proof that popularity and quality are not the same thing, this would be it.

You might wonder what happened to the ability to innovate and inspire, typified by The Beatles at their best. Well, it's being crushed out the marketplace by the likes of, erm, The Beatles.

This would be the top five:

1. NO ANGEL, DIDO – 2,999,501
4. LIFE FOR RENT, DIDO – 2,785,383
5. 1, BEATLES – 2,679,221

We'll be over here, sobbing.


ian said...

There is cause for optimism! It stands to reason that the same fans of insipid drivel bought Dido as bought James Blunt. So since the Dido album came out, at least 100,000 of them have either died or seen the error of their ways.

Al said...

Not bad. I'm so-so on the Dido, but I would have feared that they'd come up with the biggest act being Kylie Minogue or - worse yet - Morissey or some such crap.

I'm particularly pleased to see the James Blunt right up there. That SOB knows how to write a real tune. May well be the best album of this new century. And of course you can't go wrong with the Beatles. Glad to see it.

simon h b said...


How could you tell if a Dido fan had died?

I fear your optimism has been misplaced - Dido fans buy their music at a slower pace; they might just not have been to the top floor of Tesco since the James Blunt had come out...

Al... surely it'd be healthier for Spinning Around (or even First of the Gang To Die) to have been the soundtrack of the decade than... say, something forty years old?

Chris said...

I would have thought it would be a more healthy assumption that the people who bought the first Dido album would be the same sort of people who bought the second Dido album. In which case just over 200,000 have died.

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