Friday, August 18, 2006


James Bourne isn't very impressed by anything he sees when he looks around the music world:

"That band [The Arctic Monkeys] were supposed to take over the world but they haven't. They are far too overhyped and overplayed - like James Blunt."

The Arctic Monkeys might take some solace in the discovery that Amazon are currently trying to offload several piles of unsold copies of Bourne's Son of Dork band's debut, Welcome To Loserville at less than two quid a go. Mind you, Bourne has a theory about this:

"We're never going to be as successful as Busted... because we aren't on TV as much as Busted were - and we won't be."

Well, yes - but why aren't on TV as much as Busted? Could it be because you're not as popular as Busted? And could that be due to, um, quality issues? Indeed, your debut single always seemed to be on the fluffier video channels earlier in the year, and that didn't seem to help very much, did it?

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Anonymous said...

wasn't he meant to have been writing songs with blunt a couple of months ago? they must have had a tiff.

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