Thursday, August 03, 2006


Britney Spears and Ever Stoodinline are fed up with reading stories trashing them in the public prints, and have come up with an idea to do something about it.

No, not stopping having public bust-ups, dropping children, sending cars back to the store and things like that.

Oh, no: They're going to launch their own magazine to boost their image.

We picture it being something along the lines of the Beckindale Bugle, Amos Brearly's riposte to the Hotten Courier; Britney sat with a green eyeshade punching out stories on a big typewriter while Kevin sniffs the tippex. Hold the front page: "Child bounced when it hit ground; laughed a bit."

But it's not just so Britney can reveal how great their life is when she's not having to organise the car guys to pick up or deliver a car, says Fred:

"It's not just us. Everybody has been lied about in the tabloids.

"Everybody has false truths and false images and false stuff perceived on them. Maybe not as much as me and my wife get. But everybody has it."

"I think a magazine like that, would attract all the stars. I think they would want to go to that magazine and tell the truth!

"I'm not kidding. This is something I want to do for real."

Is the publishing world ready for an editor who uses phrases like "Everybody has false truths and false images and false stuff perceived on them, maybe not as much as me and my wife get"?

We can hardly wait to see him deperceptivising those false truths.

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