Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Apparently, as the McCartney divorce turns into a carnival, they're thinking of getting some burger vans and stuff to be available on the side.

This morning, the Sun reports that McCartney called the cops when he "heard an intruder" which turned out to be Heather trying to get in to their flat. It was all a terrible misunderstanding, we're asked to believe, although you'd have thought with the level of security McCartney has (including hourly on-foot patrols) someone might have noticed the woman at the door was the ex-wife trying to use her keys rather than a burglar before the police were brought in to burn through some public money getting involved in a domestic.

The paper headlines the story Mucc, Mucc, who's there?, which is rubbish on two counts - first, becuase "Mucc" doesn't sound like knock, and secondly, and more crucially, it relies on the "Lady Mucca" name which nobody outside of the Sun uses. Indeed, when you're having to explain your headline in the article, it shows you might need to let this one go:

The one-time model, 38, dubbed Lady Mucca for her seedy porno past, was questioned in the street.

The Daily Mail pick up a crucial aspect of the story:

Fortunately the police recognised her straight away and the matter was resolved amicably.

So, not quite as "humiliating" as the Sun would have it, then.