Thursday, August 31, 2006


Fancy that - Sandi Thom used to work at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, and would serve Coldplay chips while their debut album was being made upstairs:

I’ve always been a big fan so I was pretty starstruck when I saw them.

“I was shaking really badly when I was serving the food. I was so worried about spilling something over Chris. I didn’t even ask for advice.”

Pity, because Chris could have advised her to balance the plates on the length of her arm rather than trying to hold them all by the edge; it makes serving much easier.

Parr Street is the Liverpool studio which has been put out of business by Genesis, who have decided that expensive flats are better than recording studios.


iiii said...

Not so fast, Parr Street was "saved"...

see for details!

jona said...

Yeah, sorry Simon, I've been meaning to tell you that it appears Parr Street is open again. My friend's been working there again but I haven't spoken to him in a while. He was working there around the time of the second Coldplay album as well, so he might know more about this Sandi Thom story. I'm sure the canteen had closed at that point and become the seperate 3445 Bar or whatever it was called..

simon h b said...

Ah, at least that's a probably happy ending to the story of Parr Street, then - although it doesn't stop Genesis being money-grubbing curs.

ian said...

Saved? Does this mean we're in line for another coldplay album? Fetch me my bulldozer keys.

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