Monday, August 28, 2006

CREAMRISES: A Creamfields round-up

Yeah, we kind of wish we hadn't promised to do anything about Creamfields, as there wasn't very much appearing early on in the weekend. There has, however, been a blog and paper scampering to catch up.

The Manchester Evening News puts a figure of £3.5million on the event - that's how much cash it's believed this year's Creamfields brought into the area, much of it going to Warrington. Which is kind of ironic, since it was held over the border in Halton, and Warrington Council tried to stop the dance festival taking place. Perhaps they'll write a cheque to Runcorn. There seemed to be little of the predicted doom, as well:

Cheshire police said 16 people were arrested at this weekend's event.

A spokesman said 21 crime incidents had been reported during the festival but none were serious.

There were also traffic problems around M56 junction 10 as thousands travelled from all over the country.

The headline act was The Prodigy, who had the option of giving the day out a publicity boost by announcing they were going to bow to the inevitable and call it quits. Instead, they yelled they would carry on forever, and so only the diligent Gigwise seemed to care:

Maxim told The Mirror: “There’s no bullshit any more, we’ve got over that.

“We’re like a big family now. We’ve put it all behind us and there’s no splitting us up.”

You'll note they're like a big family. Not a big, happy family.

Luke saw the Prodigy. And possibly the face of God:

saw many acts that I've always wanted to see, including THE PRODIGY!!!!!!! who were incredible, also as I was told by someone from a goup of people that georgia and I became attached to "You are fucking privileged to be seeing this DJ" it was of course TI-ES-TO!!!
Anyway right now I'd just like to say I had the most amazing time and that I fell in love. I say that but it was a rave and I was off my head!Unfortunately, we both knew that we wold only be holding hands until the festival was over and that we would both go back to leading our own lives, but still have the memories of an amazing festival.

There's got to be a Hollywood movie in there somewhere, surely?

It doesn't sound like the event was a sell-out, as Chrissy was able to buy tickets outside:

Got to the place daresbury and we got searched for deoderants and cans and stuff but becky lost her ticket so we had to buy another one like. In we went now not many poeple there so far but it was like 4ish jus a few hundred poeple id say.

Although after the packing-in of audience at Reading, a bit of space to move seems quite alluring.

Maybe the line-up accounted for all the space: Ambidexterious Wanker wasn't impressed:

then saw PRODIGY - twas good but not amazing live main stage is quite whack actually only good act seen there in scissor sisters 2 yeasr ago! and errm chemical brothers girls go see david guetta - have i got some wrist to slit?

Naomi j sums up what seems to be the prevailing attitude amongst the blogs that went to Creamfields:

i went to creamfields last night i tripped it to creamfields. it was so cold. and all the soundsystems were horrible. but i still had fun and saw the usual suspects and ate crappy festival food and drink free booze. i even managed to fall asleep on stage for a few seconds. SKILLS!

Nearly everyone reports that the music, djs and soundsystems were wanting, but they had a great time anyway because they were medicated in one way or another. If we were Cream, next year we'd not bother wasting the money on hiring entertainment, and just turn the thing into a corporate-counterculture picinic. Think of the margins, James, think of the margins.