Thursday, August 17, 2006


Back when Kylie was ill and her sister was happy to trickle out the odd detail, The Sun couldn't get enough of Dannii Minogue. Now the first string Minogue is back in action, though, it seems the days of gentle flattery are over. So over, in fact, she shares the ignomy of having to share a kicking with Geri Halliwell:

GERI HALLIWELL and DANNII MINOGUE are squeezing the last drops out of their dried-up careers.

(Geri, by the way, is planning on releasing a best of album, which at least is honest in using a comparative rather than an absolute.)

Dannii, though, is "taking a break" from music:

"I just love music but I need to step away from it for a while.

“I’ve also got the offer of some work on radio so I want to clear my head and explore new opportunities.

“Maybe I’ll go back to writing and singing one day in the future.”

Music has issued a statement insisting that it was its idea for the break with Dannii. Further, music says that it never loved her back.

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