Thursday, August 10, 2006


Bloody hell - things must be tough for Puff Daddy if he thinks he needs James Blunt's help to meet girls. But apparently he does:

He told the You’re Beautiful singer: “You promised me when you became a big international superstar that I’d come to London and we’d run around and you’d introduce me to a whole bunch of beautiful women.”

[Blunt replied] “I could definitely do that.”

Well, "introduce" might be pushing it a bit, but James could take Diddy on a slightly stalkery recreation of the moment in You're Beautiful. We kind of like the idea of Blunt and Diddy hanging about the top of the escalators nudging each other:

"she's fit"
"you gonna go and talk to her?"
"nah... I'm shy..."

Of course, they could only do this until the security services moved them on.

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