Sunday, August 13, 2006


Is Rav Singh a real showbiz reporter, only whenever we come across his column in the News of the World we can never quite decide we can never quite work out if he's meant to be a funny-made-up person, like Bel Littlejohn or Andrew Neil.

Anyway, this week Raj (or "Raj") reckons that Kate and Pete are back together.

Oh, god, how you hope not:

My showbiz reporter Emma Donnan, the ONLY journalist who saw them backstage, said: "It's so obvious they are an item again. They spent a lot of time in Pete's dressing room."

One crew member told me: "Pete and Kate were all over each other—she couldn't stop grabbing his bum. They were like loved-up teenagers."

Another member said: "We were not expecting Kate to come down, but then she rocked up with Pete.

"They were openly kissing and touching each other in the corridor without seeming to care who saw them. They looked really happy and relaxed together— Kate couldn't stop grinning."

Fancy being in public and touching each other in their corridors.

We're a little late scrabbling through the tabloids this week, so it's probably already gone hideously, heartbreakingly, I-told-you-so wrong by now.

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