Monday, August 14, 2006


Depending on how you filtered the various stories from back when they were the toast of the tab's circulation departments, Kate Moss had left it with Pete Doherty that she'd quite like to get back together, but he had to kick the drugs first.

Mind you, the courts had told him they'd quite like to not send him back to jail, but he'd have to kick the drugs.

The courts, though, seem to have decided "well, he'd turned down a couple of joints so that's near enough..."

And maybe, so too has Kate: this morning's Sun reckons they're engaged. Kate and Pete, not Kate and the courts.

Or, at least, Kate is wearing a ring on her ring finger.

There's an insider, here, with something to say:

“He had a new implant fitted last week to help him dry out and went straight to Kate’s house. They’ve been inseparable.”

Although don't the implants only work with the smack and not the crack? Or is it the other way round? Still, nice to see a relationship where the model isn't the one with the implants.

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