Thursday, August 24, 2006


The origins of the video which used the Kaiser Chief's I Predict A Riot to soundtrack a moronfest in support of the BNP are shady; it surfaced on YouTube so it could have been an official project, or it could have been put together by one of smarter BNP kids. (We guess that if you needed proof that video editing is simple these days, 'so easy even the BNP can manage it' would be a perfect slogan.)

What happened next is clearer: the Kaiser Chiefs found out, and complained to YouTube. The video was pulled, and the BNP denied having anything to do with it:

"this isn't the type of music our party would ever want to be associated with, like rap music we think it's wrong to play this stuff, what's wrong with Beethoven?"

Which does in passing point up how bright the British National Party are - they'd rather have the German who wrote the anthem used by their hated European Union than good old fashioned English band.


The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

How dare the Kaiser Chiefs use the BNP to promote their flagging CD sales in this jumped up piece of fake publicity. If you ask me they (the chiefs) should pay the BNP royalty fees.

For your information that video was knocked by a BNP supporter who added their track using "windows movie maker" so essentialy it's Bill Gates fault. It's that easy to make a movie even you could do it.

In other words not news, except if you want to claim false indignation all across the main stream media to boost sales

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