Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Having managed to get through the Italian dates, now Madonna's bid to generate some flaky controv on her current tour is getting a second boost: apparently there are German police with nothing better to do than investigate her stage show:

Should the nearly 48-year-old pop star perform the shock shtick, Johannes Mocken, a spokesman for the local authorities, told the Associated Press it could be construed as insulting religious beliefs, an offense that's considered not only insensitive, but illegal in Germany.

Rather pleasingly, the German authorities won't actually go and watch the event for themselves, but will "rely on media reports" to decide if she breaks the law. If you had a review column for the Rhein-Zeitung, wouldn't you be tempted to add something to your report suggesting she'd yelled "screw the lord" and recreated the crucifix scene from The Exorcist just to stir things up a little?

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Parker Catalano said...

I was actually able to see Madonna in concert when she played at Coachella. She played all new shit which was kind of lame, but she was still good considering it was supposidely the largest crowd she had ever played in front of.

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