Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The walking trust-fund hatchet that is Paris Hilton has disappointed the standard-low, cash-hungry by taking a bet that she won't have sex for a year:

“I’m not doing it with anyone. I want to concentrate on work. I’ll kiss, but nothing else.”

We love the idea that turning up to appear in the odd pop video and issuing a few statements clarifying her relationship with Nicole Richie is the sort of "work" you might need to "concentrate" on, but we really hope someone in 2007 arranges a bet with her that encourages her to give all her attention to being shagged and not on making sub-UB40 cod pop reggae.


Anonymous said...

Didn't this statement come out about 3-4 weeks ago? Just before she got back with Nachos? I wonder why it's doing the rounds again.

simon h b said...

Because the album is coming out next week?

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