Thursday, August 24, 2006


It could just be that we tend to start from the assumption that anything in The Sun is being written with at least an air of misunderstanding - for example, this morning they're having to grovel out an apology to Koser Zaman, a woman whose picture they ran claiming that she was Cossor Ali and under arrest as a suspected terrorist - but the proud report in Bizarre this morning is just so unlikely we wonder if it's some sort of joke.

Victoria Newton has (apparently) been told by "an insider" that Pete Doherty, Tom Chaplin and Justin Hawkins really have formed a supergroup inside the Priory:

“They all vaguely knew each other before but when they found themselves meeting in difficult circumstances it somehow made them click. Being in rehab is strange at the best of times. But when you find yourself in there with other famous faces it’s even more odd.

“Tom was the first to play the piano in one session for some of the patients. After that Pete and Justin chipped in and suggested they write some music.

“Pete and Justin have struck up a particularly strong friendship and Pete has invited Justin to perform with Babyshambles this weekend.”

Okay, it could happen - the Babyshambles album proved that Pete was prone to go up to people and just give them something to do in the band; and who knows? Maybe there was even a bit of a sing-song. But the vision of this little trio sat around writing songs in the dayroom? We know there's something missing from that scenario, but what is it...?

...oh, yeah, the huge native American who doesn't say anything.

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juicy fruit! said...

fucking hell... as if things weren't bad enough for patients, they're forced to listen to keane... jeez if that's what's involved in rehabilitation then i'm never touching the heavy stuff... come to think of it, i'm stopping drinking coffee just in case!

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