Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The nasty split in the ranks of Panic at the Disco looks like its going to take a while to heal: Rusticated bassist Brent Wilson is taking them to court, says his brother"

A court case is in the making. Brent and his lawyer have taken the next step. A letter has been sent to Panic! stating that Brent will be taking them to court if he has not received an agreement from the band within 14 days. If this 14 day grace period is neglected, further measures will be taken. If Panic! does not agree to Brent's proposal, the case may take anywhere from two to four years. If, in the event the band does not come to a settlement, the IRS will have to get involved and things will get even uglier. In the mean time, the family thanks all of you for your support.

We love the air of brooding threat there - you wouldn't want us to bring the tax people in, would you? As if the IRS will read that and go "Hmm... wonder what all that's about? I hope he gives us a call to drop a hint" rather than getting their best new calculators out and paying a visit.

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