Sunday, August 27, 2006


Pete Doherty? He's so street, it's a wonder he's not been paved over. He's going to lead us into rebellion of all sorts:

“I’ve got a fierce passion for politics but I can’t stand the smarmy, hypocritical upper-middle-class dictator nation that prevails and has always prevailed in this country.

“I’m up for petrol bombers, mate, and fighting in the streets.”

Pete made these comments from luxury private hospital The Priory. Pete's family are British Army through and through. At the age of 16, the British Council paid for him to go and do poetry in Russia; last year he shared a stage with Elton John at Live8. He hangs out with the likes of Kate Moss and Sadie Frost and much of his free time seems to be spent scoring or doing drugs - and you don't have to be too smart to know that cocaine production is pretty much directed at supportiny a dictator elite, albeit overseas. The casual observer might notice that when he's not living the life of the elite, he's too far gone to be tipping it over. Indeed, in most well-run revolutions of the people, Doherty's self-obsessed louche lifestyle would place him near the top of any list being drawn up to order when people might be given a blindfold and last cigarette.

It's telling he only objects to the upper middle classes.


sodajerk said...

what a fuckin asshole.sooner that fuck up is in jail da better.
his music is shite too.
i saw his old band on TOTP,there was a bit where it sounded like Father Ted and Dougal doing there song about a horse(no smack reference intended.)

Anonymous said...

Doherty's more suspicious than the contents of Pete Townshend's laptop.

In my (unfortunate) experience a significant proportion of his fans are of (or curently attending) private schooling background. To me, that is a definite indication of being upper middle class, though I doubt his verbal diarrhea will alienate any of these delluded cloth eared twunts.

I'm now waiting for him to move any financial interests to the Netherlands. Then his cuntishness shall be fully realised.

P.S. I lurve your blog.

Anonymous said...

The original interview is even more priceless. Following his political ruminations he's asked :

What laws would you like to see changed?
Kick out the blacks and the Irish. No, I don’t mean it. I’m only having a laugh.

Gor lumme wot a wag, eh playmates.

Anonymous said...

WOW! He's must be a hoot to hang around with. I fully retract my labelling of him as 'Brat' rock. With that rapier wit it's so easy to see what an intelligent, talented...oh bollocks, I can't do bullshit at an NME level.

Flaaart, danka for the link. Most amusing. Hopefully he'll become so self-absorbed he'll disappear.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i'm sure pete's completely racist.

especially since three of his band members in the libertines and babyshambles are black.

it may also shock you to know that john lydon called his book 'no irish no blacks no dogs'...shock horror you posho twats, especially you, rufus or whatever your name is...the one who 'lurvvvvves' this blog. i hate people like you. tt

Anonymous said...

Lydons book title reflected his anger about the anti-Irish racism experienced by his family. By contrast Shitheads "ironic" joke says nothing in itself about whether or not he's a racist (although many a true word is indeed spoken in jest and the fact that 'some of his best friends are black' proves precisely nothing). What it does testify to is the smug junkie elitism which enables him to 'pass' among the real elite and which his fans read as charisma and as the expression of his superiority. Making him very much like previous aspirants to 'rock aristocracy' - except of course for the write and perform anything worth hearing bit.

Anonymous said...

Three members of the Libs and Babyshambles were/are black? Take your sunglasses off, there was only one.

Oh and Flaart, spot on, again.

Anonymous said...

Oh Raffles, he said they WERE black. Pete made them change and become white via skin bleaching techniques. But that doesn't make him a racist.

Anonymous said...


My posho sensibilities have proved to be my downfall yet again. ;)

Anonymous said...

flaaart thats absolute shit and you know it is. could you not tell my comment was tongue in cheek anyway? i'm guessing youre far too serious to realise these things. just piss off with your pompous, self-important and ignorant bile will you?

the two members of babyshambles i was talking about, by the way, are the general and purple. admittedly theyre both terrible, but theyre supposedly still in the band. and they arnt white, although i suppose you'll have some quipp about how pete probably burnt them or something. that seems ot be about your level, cunt.

Anonymous said...

Given there's bugger all musical for a tribute band to imitate I guess it's pretty obvious that Shithead would inspire tribute comedians. "I was only having a laugh" - blinding. Do you do requests ?

Anonymous said...

That lad is becoming a parody of his former self. It's a 'kin shame.

Babyshambles is sub-Clash pap.

Anonymous said...

all you lot saying how his musics shite how about actually listening to it.
if you don't like the libertines you're definately in the minority

and pete's to blame for who likes his music is he?
he makes a comment about his beliefs and because those people like his music that makes what he's saying a load of shit?

fuck off all you sad twats who have nothing better to do than sit and talk crap about someone more famous, richer and probably with the kind of lifestyle you secrety wish you had.
he must be the first celebrity to take drugs the way you all act..!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Hmm... Laura, lucid though your defence of Mr. Doherty is, I doubt if anyone would really want his lifestyle. After all, it's piss-easy to pour away your talent in a mulch of coke and smack - it doesn't even take much money to do it, anymore - and yet most people choose not to.

Anonymous said...

pete doherty is not a racist. he plays gigs for love music hate racism. der!

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