Saturday, August 19, 2006


Normally, you can rely on Pink to make sense, even if you can't rely on her to make more than a third of a decent album these days. But when she wanders onto the subject of Mel "the Jews are to blame for all the wars, oh, sorry, I've had a beer" Gibson, we can only conclude she needs new batteries for her bullshit detector:

"I'm a fan of his work. I think anybody with opinions like that needs well-wishing. And I'm Jewish. Alcohol makes you do crazy things."

Let's take this backwards, shall we?

Alcohol makes you do crazy things - like drunk driving, huh, which - lest we forget - is what Gibson was doing before he was stopped and given the opportunity to rant away. Drunk driving isn't "crazy", it's obscene.

I'm Jewish - You're what? Sure, your mother was a Lithuanian Karaite, which is roughly in the same field, but haven't you made great fuss of not being a member of any organised religion yourself? Claiming membership of a religion on the basis of being related to members of an off-shoot of an off-shoot simply to absolve a drunken boor of his guilt is going a little far, don't you think?

I think anybody with opinions like that needs well-wishing. - So, having deep-seated anti-Semitic views leaves you needing a hug, does it? We'll pop down to Hallmark to see if we can find Nick Griffin a nice card later.

I'm a fan of his work - Apart from making us like you a little less, what's that got to do with anything? If a heart doctor announced he was going to start shooting ducks, the fact he's pretty good at the cardiovascular business doesn't make it any less upsetting.


Tim Footman said...

Karaites are an odd - some would say heretical - sect of Judaism, but they are still Jews; in the same way that, Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons are Christians and Sufis are Muslims.

Since Judaism is a culture and an ethnicity, as well as a religion, and is transmitted via the mother's line, Pink is entitled to call herself a Jew, even if she doesn't believe in God or follow any particular ritual.

She is not entitled, however, to look like a constipated Bet Lynch.

simon h b said...


While what you say is factually correct, Pink can't say she follows no religion and then be Jewish when it suits her. You're either Jewish or you're not, surely?

Unless she has decided to embrace the religion of her mother, in which case I apologise to her

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