Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The new Portishead album is coming along, although - says Geoff - it's not an easy process:

its really hard not to sound like your doing a bad Impression of yourself

ades computer has fuked up

we should become a boy band.......2 old blokes and beth

like steps

The band poo-poo the idea that they should drag in some modish support:

id rather poo in my mums suday roast than have danger mouse produce a portishead record

And it doesn't come much more poo-poo than that.

Oh, and Geoff's got a perspective on the Middle East, too:

we goto stop our fukin countries pretending we want some kind of peace in the middle east whilst we sell the same countries fukin arms to blow the shit out of each other........

blair is a wanker....................blair is a liar
but instead of doing anything about it ...... we will just watch you tube ..... eat pizza and have a wank off to the fashion channel

Of course, if it's anything like Thom Yorke, the post will probably vanish around midnight tonight.