Friday, August 04, 2006


Free, this weekend, with the Mail on Sunday: Your great Stranglers CD.


karlt said...

4. Peaches Another classic, the memory of which epitomises the summer of '76 and the band's attempt at using some reggae influence

Peaches? Reggae?

Andrew said...


flaaart said...

Stranglers ? Punks ?!! 'epitomises the spirit of '76'!!! Wot bollocks. In spirit the Stranglers were exactly what they looked like - a bunch of ex-teachers playing pub rock. Punk is indeed long past the 'smells funny' stage but these "angry hippies" played no part in its rise or its decline.

Anonymous said...

Great! Another punk/!punk argument on No Rock!

doombilly said...

Not only is 'Peaches' sorta reggae tinged, so is "Who Wants The World?". Anyone that says otherwise is just mad because Dave Greenfield fucked them on their A levels.

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