Tuesday, August 08, 2006


There's nothing especially punk about Hawthorne Heights. Or at least, there hasn't been so far. Now, though, they've declared war on their own record label, claiming that its behaviour has "severely damaged the group's reputation and its relationship with fans."

Back when the Heights were in a chart battle with NeYo, someone from Victory sent out an email:

"If you were to pick up (a) handful of Ne-Yo CDs, as if you were about to buy them, but then changed your mind and didn't bother to put them back in the same place," the message read, "That would work ... just relocating a handful creates issues."

A subsequent email was circulated claiming they were only joking.

Hawthorne Heights didn't beat NeYo in the chart battle.

They also claim that Victory signed their names to some sort of manifesto declaring war on R&B, a war with which they had no truck.

Naturally, they could live with all of this, but they reckon Victory is holding back money owed to them as well.

Victory, for its part, claims to be the injured party in all this and says it expects them deliver the two more albums promised under their contract.