Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Our new best friends The Sky Drops are coming to Britain, and playing gigs and stuff. Cracking gigs, as it happens:

Wednesday 13 September Goonite Club, Buffalo Bar, Islington
with Assembly Now and The Lea Shores

Thursday 14 The Dublin Castle, Camden, London,
with Blues Brothers Castro, The Rodeo Clowns, and The Playboys

Friday 15 Club AC30 - - Water Rats, Kings Cross,
with Suburban Kids With Biblical Names and they came from the stars, i saw them

Sunday 17 Sonic Cathedral Sunday Service, The Social, London

Okay, they're all in London, but at least one of those is surely worth a train trip, right?

The Sky Drops, by the way, are Rob Montejo, who was in Smashing Orange; he's joined with Monika Bullette of, uh, Bullette for this project.