Thursday, August 24, 2006


Normally, the listen again links we bring you are already on their last legs, but in a break to tradition, here's one that isn't active yet:

Tom Robinson's Evening Sequence - until 10pm this evening, this link will bring you the last programme with Joan As Policewoman on it from last week. From about 10, it'll access this week's show, which is promising live music from Thom Yorke. And from about this time next week, it'll be something else again. Chameleons.

Imogen Heap has recorded a bunch of tracks for Rolling Stone.

Sunday Best on BBC Radio 4 is re-running Jarvis Cocker's history of the role of art schools in pop.

Andy Kershaw took time off from visiting African war zones this week, and instead went to a school playground as Radio 3 covered the Brampton Live festival

The first Slash Music is now available from Channel4radio, Tom "son of Peel" Ravenscroft sorting through unsigned bands.

Kurtis on the blower: Kurtis Blow rang in to talk hiphop with WFMU's Put The Needle On The Record.

And CBC's Chris Alscher interveiwed Peaches about dropping the Minidisc and the merits of the keytar.