Wednesday, August 16, 2006


A decent overview of the Molly Ringwald-type movie subgenre dominated by John Hughes is probably long-overdue, although it's far from certain that one called Don't You Forget About Me is going to be the one. Anyway, Simple Minds are going to contribute more than a title, announces Jim Kerr:

“When we were asked to participate in the documentary, at first I was surprised that the original 'Breakfast Club' movie had became such a cult, since it was originally released 20 years ago. The song has become our biggest hit in America, and when we heard the rest of the original cast from the movie agreed to be interviewed ... we felt it was only fitting to participate."

And, of course, there's a chance of flogging a few records off the back of it, eh?

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duckie said...

...and let's not forget all the years Jim spent slagging off that song, how it didn't represent them blah blah blah. Still, when you need a new bathroom, pride won't pay the builders will it?

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