Thursday, August 03, 2006


Thank you, Mr. Berners-Lee, for you wonderful internet, without which we'd never have known who would make up Dido's ideal dinner party:

Q. Dido, I would like to ask you something. If you could choose, one famous man around the world to have a nice dinner with, who would you choose and why:
- For a politician
- For an actor
- For an artist
Selina, France
Dido replies: Politician - Bill Clinton but also Hilary because I think she's cool.
Actor - Sean Penn.
Musician - All of U2. They're just incredibly inspiring and fun to be around.

We'd love to see that lot on Come Dine With Me, actually - it'd be a solid two hours of people saying "you're the greatest" while secretly thinking "actually, I'm the greatest, but by pretending I think they're greater, I make myself even greater still..."

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