Friday, August 11, 2006


Isn't Matt Willis from Busted brave? Somehow, the story about him being brave made into The Sun. Wonder how?

Actually, maybe he's not quite as brave as it seems at first: some girls hanging about to meet him were getting unwanted attention from a man - and Matt swung into action:

When a mystery man began to harass them, the ex-BUSTED star and some pals told the pest to sling his hook — and he quickly scarpered.

So, that's Matt and some mates - with, presumably, the added back up of a gaggle of teenage girls - seeing off one bloke.

You've got to love those odds, right?


Anonymous said...

Now, if Robbie had been there he could just have gone with the man and been brave and happy!

Anonymous said...

Shut Up...

Thats all.

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