Wednesday, September 13, 2006

50 Cent marks down fan

Apparently, now 50 Cent is so popular he can afford to go round beating the crap out of people whoo like him. According to reports, at some fashion show, the target (let's call him Froop) asked 50 for an autograph, only to be turned down flat. So, later, when another one of 50's big mates turned up late and needed a chair, Froop didn't take kindly to the suggestion he yield his seat.

50 really wanted Froop's seat, so he hit him a little to make him give it up.

Ten years ago, Tupac was killed in a pointless drive-by shooting over some sort of stupid row about an imagined slight at a boxing match. It's probably a sign of progress that, a decade on, rappers are now just having slapping matches over who gets to sit in the front row at an underwear show. Some progress, anyway.

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