Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Aeroplane boy attacks snappers

We've been suggesting for years that Jay Kay should be arrested, and, perhaps, put on some sort of show trial, but every letter we send to the Prime Minister comes back marked "not known at this address."

However, when he attacks a couple of a paparazzi photographers, then the police swing into action.

The scrap took place outside a nightclub in the West End of London's West End. Some people saw:

"He was out of control, really lairy," said an onlooker. "He clearly had too much to drink and just wouldn't stop."

What makes the arrest even more amusing is that although Jay thought the photographers were waiting for him, they were actually - seriously - waiting for Lindsay Lohan to leave the same nightclub. The photographers he hit probably didn't even know who he was.


Anonymous said...

What a fucking tosser...
yep, even the "music" sucks

Anonymous said...

Hanging, flogging, boiling in oil, tarring and feathering are all too good for this bloke.
He does have a nice garage full of motors though - smacks of penile substitution.

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