Saturday, September 16, 2006

Amazon Unbox: It's called that, because it makes the computer box unyours

Amazon have recently taken a step towards making physical products obsolete with Unbox, which allows you to download movies to watch on your PC without having to buy a DVD and have their brain-detached delivery people hurl the packet over your garden fence to land on a concrete patio with no regard to what it will do to the contents, for example. That sounds like a good deal.

Until you read the terms you sign up to. Or read Cory Doctorow's take on them.

Back in the days when Britain was a naval power, men would sometimes find that somebody had dropped a shilling in their tankards. If they failed to notice, and the shilling found its way into their mouth, this was taken as being a binding contract with the state to join the navy. The Amazon Unbox contract isn't quite as fair as that, but it's heading in the same way.

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