Monday, September 04, 2006

Ash in psych-ish, hits New York

Irish band Ash are, effectively, Irish no more as they've upped sticks to New York. They reckon they spent so long working there, they might as well move there and have done with.

Plus, you can buy a pizza the size of your head for 37p with the exchange rate the way it is.

The new album seems to be a mixture of the good (psychedelic experimentation) and the bad (reports using the word "Coldplayesque"); they haven't run it past former Ashista Charlotte Hatherley yet, though. Tim Wheeler explains why:

"That would be too much like seeing your ex-girlfriend."


Cliff said...

Brilliant headline. Where's me jumper?

karlt said...

Well, it'll make a nice change; New Yorkers with a good claim on being Irish and could actually spot the place on a fucking map.

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