Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Buckcherry, the underage poledancer and an awkward lawsuit

A young woman has filed a lawsuit against Buckcherry and Warners after - she claims - they got her drunk and filmed her semi-naked and poledancing.

Back when she was 15, last October, she answered a MySpace ad - an offer to take part in a video shoot for the band. During the course of the filming, she was (apparently) plied with booze, encouraged to remove her nethergarments and made to jiggle her tits to the sound of Buckcherry. Oddly, she's not mentioned the having to listen to Buckcherry bit in the lawsuit, which we'd have thought would have been the cruellest and unusualest bit.

Warners are surpried to be mentioned in the action, as this all happened before they signed Buckcherry (they don't say if that crazy video with half-naked children had swung the deal one way or another); Buckcherry's people point out that they tried to ensure everyone was old enough to take their clothes off in a mature way:

The band's attorney Skip Miller said precautions were taken to keep minors out of the video shoot.

"There was every opportunity for her not to be in that video," adds Allen Kovac, Buckcherry's manager. "For whatever reason, the girl subverted those efforts, and now her mom is trying to blame everyone but her. This woman is now looking at them as a profit opportunity."

Presumably, Buckcherry got everyone to sign a waiver, stating they were old enough to be in the video. Presumably.

The girl is seeking USD25,000 damages for the distress she was allowed to cause herself; large numbers of hairy-handed men are seeking "buckcherrry poledancer video" on Google.

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