Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Casbah forever

The people who run the Cavern bristle a fair bit when people suggest it's not the "real" Beatles Cavern, on the grounds that they feel its near enough to count. They'll be fuming tonight as their great rival, The Casbah in West Derby, has been given listed building status. On account of being the real thing, and also being where the band played their first gig, back in 1959.

English Heritage's Bob Hawkins has twisted the knife, stressing the Cavern's faux-ness by implication:

"The basement rooms are historically significant because they represent tangible evidence of The Beatles' formation, their growth in popularity and their enduring cultural influence.

"The club survives in a remarkably well-preserved condition since its closure in 1962, with wall and ceiling paintings of spiders, dragons, rainbows and stars by original band members along with 1960s musical equipment, amplifiers and original chairs.

"We know of no other survival like it in Liverpool or indeed anywhere else."

Of course, listed status will help prevent Liverpool City Council putting a Debenhams or something on it.

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