Friday, September 08, 2006

Dave Stewart continues to flog made-up horse

Oh, god, we were hoping that he'd forgotten about this project, but no: Dave Stewart is continuing to press ahead with the Platinum Weird conceit.

The idea is that the Weird were Stewarts band back in the early 1970s and somehow the tapes have just reappeared:

Stewart originally formed the the rock band Platinum Weird in 1973 and was signed to Elton John's Rocket Records label.
By '74, just before the album was released, lead singer, Erin Grace, disappeared. Now, 32 years later, Dave not only resurrected Platinum Weird with a new singer at the helm, and a new PW studio album, but has miraculously unearthed the master tapes of the
previously unreleased '74 "Make Believe" album.

Yes... that's quite a miracle.

We know that music is meant to be a magical place of surprise and playing roles, but sometime the role you play is King Arthur, at the heart of Camelot. But this is more Arthur Fowler, down at the allotment.

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