Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dignified don

We hope Paul McCartney doesn't feel more than a little patronised by the GQ man of the Year award, which does have the air of a grim-faced pat on the back rather than a genuine prize.

Why has Macca - who's spent the year doing little beside instructing lawyers about planning violations, divorces and digital rights - been given the prize?

"Paul McCartney is not only one of our greatest living legends, he's also probably the most dignified," said GQ editor Dylan Jones.

Well, dignified is debatable - having a screaming match with your publicist because someone has taken your photo, arguing because your ex-wife has taken some half-bottles of cleaning fluid, getting into a spat over the reordering of the Lennon-McCartney credit, making a record with some frogs. That's yer actual dignity right there.

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