Tuesday, September 12, 2006

e before i?

It's taken them a long while, but eMusic has finally launched in Europe. In the US, emusic's use of the mp3 format and DRM-free files has seen it grow into the number two online music retailer behind iTunes; it's hoped the subscription-based (but permanently owned) system will prove as attractive on this side of the Atlantic.


griff said...

i'm confused. i live in london and have been subscribing to eMusic for years.

what are you on about?

simon h b said...

There's been no bar on people subscribing to the US service from the UK, but there hasn't actually been a European-based/facing service until yesterday.

Unless the company has been running a European service they don't actually know about, as eMusic seem convinced they only arrived in the EU yesterday


London, 12 September 2006 – eMusic (www.emusic.com), the world’s leading retailer of independent music, today launches its award-winning service in Europe, becoming the first digital music service available throughout the entire European Union. eMusic will offer music lovers in all 25 EU member nations a catalogue of 1.7 million tracks in the universally compatible MP3 format, which works on every digital music hardware and software device including the market-leading iPod®.

With 8,500 of the world’s top independent labels, eMusic is unrivalled in providing music to consumers interested in material outside the commercial mainstream. A subscription-based service that allows consumers to own, not rent, their music, eMusic encourages people to discover new music with editorial guidance from more than 120 renowned music writers, low download price and market-leading discovery features.

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