Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fergie tickles the public

We're sure that Fergie's sexual interest in Dita Von Teese is a deep-seated attraction and not merely an attempt to try and gay up her appeal as she launches her solo career.

She does stress, though, that she's been dating Josh Duhamel, a man, for a very long time and of course, Dita is happily married to Marilyn Manson, but if people want to buy the album and think about them kissing, that's fine.

Fergie shagging DitaThe Sun has gone one better and, erm, mocked up this image of "Fergie ... how she'd look if she got her wish". Because, of course, this is exactly what lesbians do.

She also mentioned her crystal meth addiction, in case you'd missed that:

"You lose weight and look great for a while, but I don't care if it takes six months or five years, it will creep up on you."

Unfortunately, most celebrities had left halfway through the sentence to go and see if they could source some.

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