Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jay-Z gets a nice little job

Retirement. The worst thing about retirement, of course, is that the days stretch out in front of you, calling to be filled. Time sits heavy on your hands, and, as Albert Tatlock warned in the very first episode of Coronation Street, if you don't get yourself a hobby, you'll be dead within the month.

This is probably why Jay-Z, who had retired, has emerged from retirement. He's going to be doing afternoon shifts in B&Q, and putting out a new album, Kingdom Come.

There's some disgruntlement at his retirement condo, though. Eminem, who Jay-Z beat for position of deputy chair of the resident's committee, is calling for Jay-Z to stand down. "He's not even properly retired" fumed Eminem.

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If you can remember ALbert Tatlock in Coronation Street you might like to look at

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