Monday, September 11, 2006

Lights, cameras, Meighan

There's some alarm in the Kasabian camp at the moment, because they're afraid Tom Meighan is about to head off to Hollywood. ContactMusic reports it like he's only a signature away from replacing Tom Cruise at Paramount, but reading more closely, it doesn't seem quite so likely:

"I fear Hollywood will take Tom away. He looks imperial. There's been talk of him doing a film - he's had offers.

"He's good at learning lyrics so remembering lines wouldn't be a problem. He'd be like Bowie in LABYRINTH. He's a lunatic."

Hmmm. So on the basis of some knobbing around in a pop video, there has been some talk of him possibly getting a bit in a film. Like Bowie in Labyrinth? We think more like Bowie in Fire Walk With Me, to be honest.


Anonymous said...

you have got to be kidding me...are we really going to have to see any more of that annoying asshole. his acting in that video was embarassing, and he is doing his best to ruin music, now hollywood too. great. what next, maybe he will become a model like the other douche bag in that band. i hate kasabian.

Ben.H said...

Like Bowie in Labyrinth? You forgot to include the gag about Meighan being used to working surrounded by muppets.

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